Once you enter the hotel, the magic of its atmosphere draws you in to unwind, enjoy a spa treatment, recline with a book or a meal and just be...

Rooftop Terrace

Rooftop Lounge
A book, a beer, cup of tea or glass of wine… embraced in sounds that aim to soothe your soul.
We have put together a unique playlist of music, specially tailored to create the perfect lounge ambience.
From soft jazz, to chill-out and classical, let the lounge music take your mind where it wants to be.


Soak your body in a steamy hot tub, and lose yourself in the moment.
Enough said. 

Dome spa

An icon in the Tel Aviv skyline, the dome has been transformed into a unique urban spa for our guests.
Treat yourself to any one of our pampering massages, facial or body treatments, setting you into a state of serenity. Afterwards, enjoy a beverage on the rooftop lounge, where you can soak in the sun's rays or watch the evening draw you in. This is what a vacation feels like.
Discover Hotel Nordoy's spa
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