Our guests are welcome to enjoy a true Israeli breakfast at one of the nearby cafes we partner with.

 Choose between any one of these local gems:

Loveat: Loveat is a local chain that prides itself on its "real, good food" along with top quality coffee made from

 prime beans that have been sourced from around the world. Here you can enjoy a variety of breakfast options,

along with a cup of freshly brewed organic coffee.          

Birenbaum Café (Kosher, closed on Saturday): This is a true local landmark for over 25 years. It serves 

an abundance of fresh vegetarian foods, in a casual buffet-style setting. Catch a seat outside for extra


 Mitbachon: Yet another Tel Aviv legend, Mitbachon is an urban gem, earning its charm and

fresh products from the adjacent Carmel Market. Casual, laid-back and always friendly.  

Espresso Bar: One of the oldest espresso bars in Tel Aviv, this café on the corner of Rothschild Boulevard and

Herzl Street has been operating since 1998. A classic café, at a classic corner, this is

 where you can eat breakfast while deciding which direction to go next… 

Enjoy! smiley

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