Our rooms are extremely spacious and meticulously designed in the spirit of Tel Aviv's early days. They combine ultimate comfort with unique style, so that our guests feel refreshed, relaxed and respected. Renovating the original rooms and respecting their design, we maintained the large sized measurements that were once the standard in Tel Aviv. Our room sizes start at an impressive 23 m2 for the smallest…and go up to 44 m2 in our Penthouse Suites. We believe in the importance of ultimate comfort and pampering, and therefore besides for incredibly generous spaces, we have made sure to offer the best quality amenities in each room. From ultra comfortable, top quality mattresses for a wonderful night's sleep, to original artwork on the walls, cozy lighting, toiletries from the Dead Sea and the highest standard of cotton bedding and towels – our rooms are an integral part of the travel experience. 


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Hotel Nordoy was built in 1925, in heart of the historical Tel Aviv neighborhood of Nachlat Binyamin,when Tel Aviv was still known as Ahuzat Bayit. Originally constructed as a hotel, and continuously operating from then until today, it is the oldest active hotel in Tel Aviv. 



The Dome Spa, our Jacuzzi (coming soon…) and the Rooftop Lounge - are all here for your pleasure.



Hotel Nordoy is located at the heart of it all, in the place where the city was born and continues to flourish as a diverse and vibrant area. The hotel is conveniently located adjacent to Nahlat Binyamin and has it all for everyone – whether you want to take it slow or feel the fast city's heart beat.


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Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and take in the warm Mediterranean breeze. Let yourself travel back in time… and then come back to the present moment, today. East meets west, fine luxury meets casual, local heritage meets world-class updated hospitality. Modern classic. Hotel Nordoy welcomes you.

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